Native of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where I spent large quantities of time climbing trees, reading books, and reading books in trees.  Raised by two incredible, inspiring topologists-turned-teachers who have been known to refer to physicists as “failed mathematicians” (because a good sense of humor is just one of the countless life lessons they’ve imparted).

Alumna of Cleveland Heights High School (where I got detention exactly once) and forever indebted to the teachers I had there for the strong foundations they gave me in so many areas.  Similarly grateful to professors and mentors I had at Fordham University, from which I graduated after five years with two majors (physics & chemistry), one minor (philosophy) and twice as many total credits as were required, despite having edited the weekly campus newspaper, flown on the Vomit Comet, and spent many late nights reading and discussing things that may not have been all that related to coursework.

Gymnast for most of my life, which transfers handily into things like skiing, rock-climbing, and success at festival challenges like √úberschlag-Schiffschaukeln and Ryckhangeln.  Overly cheerful all-weather bike commuter and huge proponent of public transit, but with deep fondness for a good old car or motorcycle road trip. Always happy to spend time camping, hiking, reading, writing, drawing, painting, star-gazing, scuba-diving, and going on various adventures, often with my spouse and/or kid.

Overthinker, incorrigible tinkerer, highly susceptible to nerd-sniping.