Happy World Bicycle Day!

Apparently today is World Bicycle Day! [1]

Coincidentally (i.e., before I learned this fact), this morning I happened to rediscover the presentation I put together to kick off the discussion at a virtual SciFoo session that I proposed and MCed back in 2021, entitled, “Creating the (next) bike revolution: biking as a powerful tool for improving health, climate, society . . .”

Therefore, in honor of World Bicycle Day [1], I will reiterate here the three claims I made there — which were then supported rather than refuted over the course of said session, and which I still stand by today:

Claim 1: Bicycles are the ideal choice for trips of a couple miles
Claim 2: More biking is better for us, both individually and collectively
Claim 3: Bike infrastructure is a powerful tool for social/societal good

title slide with three claims, plus photos of a fold-up bike, bike-based mail delivery, and a bunch little bikes parked at a preschool

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